What to Pack in your Carry on Bag

 What Should you Always Pack in Your Carry On Bag?



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I travel to a new destination every weekend for business. Overtime I have come up with a list of items I have learned to never forget in my carry on. If you are getting ready to pack your carry on bag there are a few things you should put on your list. These items can easily be looked over when thinking about what should you always pack in your carry on bag. What is essential to pack and what isn’t? There are obviously restrictions to the size and liquid amounts that can be brought on the airline so keep that in mind when items are listed.

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The biggest question is, what items do I need to put in my carry on vs my check in bag? If you are checking in a bag and taking a carry on bag it is important to place certain items in your carry on that you will need access to on your flight. Items that you know there will be no need for will go in your check in bag.



I could go on with lists of toiletries you should take with you on your trip, but only a few items need to be in your carry on bag. If you are traveling just a few states over or going to the other side of the world you should always prepare for a long layover and extra time in the airport encase your flight gets delayed.

Freshening up in the airport bathroom is a must for long hours of travel to feel refreshed and ready to go. Toiletries that can go in your check in bag would include; shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hair spray, etc. Those items are not as vital to have with you on a layover. Toiletries that should be in your carry on include;

  • Toothbrush

  • Toothpaste

  • Facewash

  • Deodorant

  • Hand / Face Lotion

  • Hair brush

  • Chapstick



Yes the airport does have many places to eat and a variety of good snacks to choose from. Let’s be real though, they jack up the prices of everything in the airport. Who wants to spend more money than they have to? Pack a few snacks encase you are not a fan of the mini snacks or meals they serve on the plane. If you are someone with food allergies packing snacks you know you can eat ahead of time is a smart decision.

I usually pack a couple of snacks that will satisfy whatever cravings I have at the time. Pretzels and goldfish to satisfy a salty craving or chewy sprees if I feel like a sweet snack. I always pack a few Cliff bars as well. They are good for you and usually fill me up to tide me over until my next real meal. I’m not going to list a bunch of snacks you can bring on a plane. Everyones snacking needs will vary but just be sure that you pack something.

What electronics should you bring?


There are a few obvious things you should bring to charge your devices like a phone or laptop charger. I would always pack an extra phone charger with you encase one of them breaks. This happened to me at the airport. I had a charger with me but all of a sudden stopped working. I had to buy one at the airport and paid $40 for a new charger. If you don’t want to get stuck paying for the airports overpriced items I would suggest just packing an extra. I always find those wireless chargers really convenient as well. You charge them ahead of time so that when your phone battery is getting low you can use that to charge up your devices.

Depending on what airline you choose you could have a movie screen to entertain you on the flight. Most of the movie screens you need a headphone with an aux jack to plug in to the screen. Now if you have one of the newest iPhones you have something I always call a “dingy.” It’s basically a connector so you can use headphones with an aux jack. Keep in mind if you want to watch movies or listen to music on the plane you need the correct type of headphones with an aux jack.

  • Phone chargers

  • Laptop charger

  • Wireless charger

  • Headphones

  • Headphone adaptor

Should you take clothes in your carry on?

Let’s be real clothes probably take up the most room out of all the items you pack. Most people will pack all of their clothes in the check in bag. That’s probably the best idea where there is more room and you don’t have to carry all of that weight with you around the airport. If you are looking for a way to condense the amount of room bulky clothing takes up take a look at my page on Packing Cubes. I learned the hard way that you should always pack at least one extra outfit in your carry on bag. I landed in a third world country and my luggage had been lost. My Terrible Experience Traveling to India page will give you all of the details of that tragic travel experience of mine.

Always bring an extra change of clothes in your carry on!

I can’t stress this enough after the mistake I made when I flew to India. Just because you check in a bag there is no guarantee you will receive it when you get off your flight. Always bring an extra change of clothes in your carry on encase your luggage gets lost.

When I landed in Delhi, India I regretted my decision to put all my clothes in my check in bag. I was stuck wearing the same clothes I had been sweating in for the past 48 hours. I also ended up having to by clothes to get by the next 4 days from the local Indian market. It was very uncomfortable so make sure you always bring an extra pair or even two pairs of clothes with you in the carry on bag.


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    That very good article! this post i will saved! So i can see what i’m gonna have in my carry on bag! Thank you!

  2. Todd Matthews - Reply

    Definitely the toothbrush for me, that’s a big thing. I also need my snacks and I like how you outlined it. I don’t know about taking chips, but Clif and Quest Bars are totally up my alley. I never would’ve thought about bringing a change of clothes, but if I’m going to a place that might not have clothes I’m used to wearing, I would definitely be taking some extra gym clothes with me as I wear them all the time, even at work!

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    Actually this is exactly the information that I was looking for about carry on bag and when I landed to your website and read this post, it answered all my questions in details.
    So I’m happy that you decided to write about this topic and share it with people. It’s very useful and can definitely be used as a great source for what you should have in carry on bag.
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