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Waist Bags for Traveling

Waist Bags are extremely convenient for multiple kinds of destinations. They will take the weight off of your shoulders unlike a backpack or purse dragging you down. Who doesn’t love the feeling of being able to be hands free all of the time? You know your possessions are always safe and are clipped directly to your waist. There is no stress of constantly having to make sure your baggage is with you or hasn’t been stolen.  Waist bags are also known as waist belts or fanny packs. They have just enough room to fit all of your important items you would need to take on your adventure. Cash, cards, phone, chapstick, passport or any other small sized valuables.


Waist bags sell all over the internet on sites like Amazon, Ebags and in stores near you. I have tried out multiple kinds of waist bags and one thing I learned is that they are not all good quality. If you are searching for a waist bag you don’t just want to go with the cheapest option you find online. You can find waist bags that go for super cheap but they will be extreamly uncomfortable and not durable or rain proof. I learned this the hard way when I was at a market in India during the Monsoon season. It started pouring rain and I had my cash and phone in my waist bag to soon learn it was not rainproof.

Waist bags are great if you are planning to travel to a country where pick pockets are common. You have your money and other valuables clipped directly to your waist. The point is to be able to pull your shirt over the bag so no pick pocket or robber will know where to locate your money. If you want to know more on how to avoid being a target from pick pockets and robberies check out Anti-Theft Bags for Travel.

I find that concerts are another great use for waist bags. You want to be able to have the best time. Dancing, singing and waiving your hands in the air to your favorite artists. These bags are absolutely perfect for these types of events. They can fit your phone, money, cards and concert tickets all in one. You don’t have to worry about your cross body getting stolen or feeling any type of worry about your items.


When choosing a waist bag you want to make sure the belt around the bag is a soft material. I have purchased a waist bag that gave me rashes on my back because the belt part was made out of a material that shouldn’t be rubbing against your skin all day. That is why going with the cheapest option for a waist bag isn’t always the best idea.

I have listed six waist bags that are great quality. The pouches themselves are very durable and the belts around you provide the best comfort.

Hiking Waist Bag – Click Here

Water Resistant Waist Bag – Click Here

Ultra Slim Waist Bag – Click Here

Festive Waist Bag – Click Here


Fun Flamingo Waist Bag – Click Here


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