How to Use Compression Bags for Travel

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What are Compression Bags?

Compression bags are plastic bags that seal very tight only letting air out but not in. Removing any excess air from the bag so your clothes take up a lot less space in your luggage. They are great for compressing bulky items like fleece sweaters, jeans, pillows, jackets etc.

Why are Compression Bags Good for Traveling?


Compression bags are great for saving you room in your suitcase. If you have ever packed a few pairs of jeans, a couple sweaters, and a raincoat there goes 50% of room in your suitcase. Compression bags will help eliminate the area those bulky items take up so you can perhaps save yourself from checking in an extra suitcase.

Compression bags not only save you room in your suitcase but they protect your clothes from moisture, dirt and any odors your bag might pick up on the trip.



How do you use a compression bag?

When packing a compression bag you first want to start with folding your clothes. A shirt for example you will want to fold in half as many times as you can and then roll it up. Same goes with pants and jackets.

Once you have all of your clothes rolled up you will want to put the large bulkier items in first. Followed by the medium and smaller items on top. You can layer the smaller items side by side. Anything you know you will be needing first on  your trip you can also place on top.

You can then seal the bag but be sure to leave a small opening at the end so you can squeeze the excess air out. Push down on the bag to make sure all the extra air is removed from the compression bag. Once your bag has downsized as much as possible you can then seal the rest of the bag.

I used compression bags when I traveled internationally in 2018. I was staying with a host family in a third world country. All of the volunteers lived, breathed, slept and ate like a typical Indian family. One thing that I could never get used to was that a typical family in India don’t have pillows like we do in America. They use a really thin cotton with a sheet around it. That was not good enough for me when trying to be comfortable falling asleep. I used compression bags from Amazon to bring my best fluffy pillow with me. There was no way I was going to be able to fit that in my suit case without compressing the pillow. I would highly suggest compression bags for travel. I would also suggest the newest packing accessory for 2019, packing cubes. They work like compression bags but are much easier to use and more accessible to your items. Check out my post on The Four Piece Packing Cube Set if you are interested in this similar accessory.




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