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I have been a frequent traveler my entire life. I try to travel internationally at least two times a year to volunteer abroad. If I am not traveling internationally I am traveling within the United States about three times a month. I work on tour with a Dance Competition. I feel like as soon as I get home I have just enough time to unpack, do laundry and then pack back up again. I love this life and I wouldn’t want it any other way. See my post on The Benefits of Solo Travel to hear more about my story. I have discovered quite a few travel hacks in my years of always being on the go. For anyone that is a frequent traveler or if you only travel a few times a year, these packing hacks can really relieve the stress of traveling.


Top Packing Hacks for 2019


#1 Packing cubes

I have just recently discovered packing cubes. Absolutely life changing! They have completely changed my ways of packing for short and long term trips. Packing cubes come in various sizes so that you can organize and separate your items in a variety of ways. Before I discovered packing cubes I would put all of my toiletries and smaller items just in the front part of my suitcase and all of my bulky items like clothing in the larger part. I don’t know about you but i’m not a fan of living out of my suitcase. You spend all of this time folding and rolling items to make everything fit and look organized to have it all askew the first time you need something out of it. Packing cubes make organization so much easier when you need to live out of your suitcase.

I purchased the 4 piece packing cube set. Click the link to see my more detailed review on packing cubes. I used the smaller cubes for my toiletries. Instead of having to dig through my suitcase to find all of my small items, I just put the small packing cube on the bathroom counter in whatever hotel I am at. It has everything I need right in it. The two larger cubes I separate my Pj’s from my regular day clothes. Again, instead of having to dig and destroy all of your hard folding just take the cubes out and you know which cube has the outfit you are looking for. The medium sized cube I usually put all of my undergarments like bras, underwear, socks, etc. I don’t know how I went so long without packing cubes.


Packing cubes also make packing back up again much faster. Instead of having to go though the whole process of folding every item back up again you just zip up the packing cubes and, done. Another thing I really enjoy is the quality. The first thing that usually wears on a bag is the zipper. You can tell just from looking at these bags that they are top notch quality. Packing cubes are meant to seperate and organize all of your items for you. I highy suggest packing cubes to anyone who loves to stay organized.

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Protect your Valuables!

# 2 Luggage Locks


CLICK to Purchase Luggage Locks

I wish I knew about luggage locks before my trip to Georgia a few months ago. I had left my suitcase in my room. Luckily there was nothing very valuable just all of my clothes. The maid had come in to clean the room when I was gone and went though my suitcase! Do you want to know how I knew? When I returned back to my room all of my clothes were folded in the drawers, my jackets and shirts were hung up in the closet. I don’t think the maid had bad intentions but since when do maids go through your luggage? I never leave the room without my luggage locks on all of my suitcases.

You also never know who your luggage is with after you check it in with security. Put a lock on your suitcase so you know that nobody is sifting through your luggage. These suitcase locks are great to protect your luggage but they are also great to put on your travel backpack. If you are in need of a good quality travel bag check out my post on The Venture Pal Backpack. In most developing countries pick pockets and roberies are a huge problem. This doesn’t mean these places shouldn’t be explored! A lot of developing countries have the best views and history to see. Travel to these places, just make sure your items stay protected with luggage locks. If you need more information on how to stay protected from pick pockets see my post on Anti-Theft bags.

Charge your Devices From Anywhere in the World!


#3 Universal Charger

CLICK for Universal charger

The Universal charging plug ensures that you are able to charge your devices wherever you are in the world. If you didn’t know, different countries all of the world don’t use the same plug adaptors as your home country. This kit is especially helpfulf for those travelers going to multiple countries in one trip. This charger ensures you will be able to charge your devise anywhere you are in the world.

When using a universal charger it is important to keep in mind the difference in voltage. I have heard of many people frying their devices because of the voltage conversion. Read up on the type of device you have and where you are going. The Universal charger above should suit all devices in multiple different countires.

Stay Comfortable on Your Flight

#4 Eye Masks and Travel Pillow

CLICK for Sleeping Eye Mask

Eye masks will ensure that you get a comfortable sleep on the plane. I can’t tell you how many times I went without an eye mask and I was not able to fall asleep comfortable and when I finally did fall asleep the lights on the plane came back on for meal time. The travel eye mask that ebags offers are super soft and comfortable. I don’t know about you but I get a weird feeling that the public eye maks given out on the plane could be reused and are not all that comfortable.

CLICK for Memory Foam Travel Pillow

A travel pillow is a must for any flight you take. Travel pillows ensure comfort weather you choose a economy to first class seats. I have learned from experience that not every travel pillow you can buy off of the internet is good quality. I have tried out a few different travel pillows and some of them make you extremely uncomfortable! It is definitely worth it to invest in a good quality travel pillow. I recommend a memory foam pillow with imputed music connecter from Amazon.

Don’t Let Someone Take Your Luggage!

#5 Luggage Tags


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Regardless of how unique you think your suitcase might be you should always invest in luggage tags for every bag. This isn’t just about when they roll down the carousel but someone being able to identify who a lost bag goes to. I have had my luggage lost multiple times and the luggage tags made it much easier for them to identify who’s it was and where it should be going. Luggage tags should be on every single piece of luggage you are bringing with you. Next time you are standing at the luggage carousel waiting for your bag to come out I challenge you to count every black suticase that rolls down.

I guarentee you there will be atleast 50! Luggage tags ensure that your luggage with stand out to you. Even if you think you know what your bag looks like, doesn’t mean that someone else won’t mistake your bag for their own.

Don’t Pay Extra to Check in Your luggage

#6 Luggage Micro scale

CLICK for Luggage Micro scale

Don’t get stuck paying extra baggage fees when this can easily be prevented. The microscale is a weight system that is very accurate and specifically designed to weigh your luggage. If you use a normal scale it is not always 100% accurate because you can’t always fit the full bag on those scales. The microscale will help you determine if you need to move items around before you get to the airport to avoid the hassle.

I would highly suggest a micro-scale to anyone who is an overpacker like me. I enjoy having multiple options to choose from when I am going on vacation or even on a quick business trip. Micro-scales will give you the accuracy that normal weight scales don’t. You can feel free to overpack as much as you like until it reaches that limit to qualify as a overweight bag. Don’t have any surprises at the airport, get a micro-scale.

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