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Packing Cubes are the Best Bag for Travel Organization

Packing cubes are a MUST HAVE bag if you want to stay organized on your travels. I honestly have no idea how I just figured out about these bags a few months ago. They are absolutely amazing and are useful in so may different ways.

Packing cubes for suitcases are basically different sized bags that are specifically designed to keep all of your items from pants and sweatshirts down to makeup and toiletries all organized and easily accessible in your suitcase. They are designed with mesh tops so you get proper ventilation and your valuables stay safe from getting bumped around.One of my favorite thing about packing cubes design is that they have very sturdy heavy duty zippers. That is usually the first thing that starts to break and wear on a bag is a zipper. You can tell right from looking at them, it’s a good quality bag

I took a very old suitcase once on an international flight that had a broken zipper. I was only using a bobby pin to try and hold it in place. To my luck as my black old suitcase tumbled down the baggage claim the bobby pin came out and flipped upside down. How my suitcase held that pin until then I will forever be thankful for. Who knows where my items could have ended up if it didn’t happen right in front of me. Luckily I had everything in my packing cubes so instead of having to collect a bunch of clothes from all over the baggage belt I just had to gather all of my packing cubes together.

Never using that suitcase again though…

Packing Cubes

Organization is a given but they also are very convenient in many other ways

The packing cubes I purchased came with two large cubes, two medium cubes, and two small cubes. I packed all of my bulky items like jeans, sweatshirts and a rain coat in a large cube. I was actually able to fit four pairs of jeans, eight T-shirts, four sweatshirts and a raincoat.  I packed all of my camera and electronics equipment in the second large cube.

I was really happy about my electronics cube because usually those items are usually just thrown in different places and I felt much safer about all of my camera and computer equipment being in one place, and protected! When I wanted to bring my camera equipment with me on a certain outing I just transferred the cube into a different back, so much easier! The two medium cubes I was able to pack all of my additional clothes and accessories like shorts, t- shirts, pajamas, hats, etc. The smaller cubes I packed all of my makeup and toiletries in one. Socks, underwear and bras in the other.

I am known for being an overpacker. I can’t help it, I like to have options. I once went on a four day trip to Merttle Beach, South Carolina and ended up having to pay to check in my bag because it was so overweight. Packing cubes actually compress your items so you can fit more and your bag won’t be overweight when checking in. Nobody wan’t to pay that extra money for bag fees. In one of my medium cubes I was actually able to just take the shirts from my closet hangers and all and just lay them in the bag. It was much easier when I got to a hotel to simply unzip and hang them up in the closet. Same process when putting them away again, much easier!


Packing Cubes

Repack in less than five minutes

I’m pretty sure everyone has had those early afternoon check out times in a hotel where  you are running around trying to scramble everything together so you can get out in time. Clothes are all over the place, toiletries need to be gathered, double checking under the bed and behind doors so you don’t forget anything.

Packing cubes make that process so much easier! Most cubes that I have seen sold online offer a variety of colors to choose from. You can spot all of your cubes easily, zip up and arrange in the suitcase and you are on your way out.

I am also one of those people that naturally create a mess when digging through my suitcase. As soon as I get into my suitcase everything becomes unfolded, i’m digging around to find the things I need, and I end up having to re pack every item a second time because it’s all a scew by the time I leave my destination.

Packing cubes are great for frequent travelers

I think we have determined that packing cubes will guarantee to keep you organized but another huge benefit I discovered is that they are a great convenience when traveling to multiple places in one trip.

When I went to Delhi, India after volunteering during the week we would all go on a three day trip somewhere around India. These were overnight trips so of course you needed most of your belongings. I really wasn’t feeling bringing my whole suitcase on the Indian train system. That itself is extremely chaotic. I used two medium packing cubes and one small cube. The medium ones I put my clothes for the next three days and the other my camera equipment so I could document my adventures. The smaller one I put all of my toiletries. What I really love about travel cubes is that  you can mix and match what is in each case. I moved a few things around to account for the next few days and just put the cubes in my travel backpack instead of using my entire suitcase.

Packing Cubes

Never go back to your old packing ways

I definitely recommend packing cubes for anyone who is a constant traveler or just struggles with packing organization. These changed my life! I am a constant traveler all through out America on business trips and I also do a lot of volunteer work internationally.

I will never go back to my old way of packing after discovering these!




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