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Traveling with Computers   

In this day in age there are a lot of people that travel with computers. I myself travel to a new destination weekly and bring my computer with me everywhere I go. I need it for my business but I also like to have it incase anything were to happen to my phone. If my phone died or were stolen my mac book still allows me to recieve and send text messages.

I learned the hard way after traveling internationally with my macbook that it is very important to have the right computer case. If you stow your laptop in the overhead bins of a plane or even in the trunk or back seat of your car; things shift. Make sure if you are traveling with a computer you have a case that is going to protect it from any weight that may apply pressure or possibly fall on top of your computer.

I decided to bring my computer with me to India back in 2018. My computer bag was good quality but it didn’t have any protection from weight being applied on top of the bag. I never even used my computer on the plane so I had it stowed in the over head compartment the whole ride. I knew before we took off the flight attendant had moved some things around to fit a few other passengers items in the bin above me. Little did I know, she put a large suitcase right on top of my bag.

Thank god for Apple Care. I remember when I first bought my macbook I almost went without the warrenty to save some money. When I returned home from Inida my computer would turn on but the screen was completely broken and I wasn’t able to use it at all. This was becasue of all the pressure on my case for the 24 hour flight. I thought I had a good computer bag, but apparently not.

If you are looking to purchase a computer case for travel I have made a list of great quality cases at a low price. I would highly suggest in purchasing a case if you plan on doing any sort of travel with your computer in the near future. This can save you time, money and avoid having to wait in line for hours at the apple store.


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Protective Laptop Case


This laptop case from Amazon is designed with protection in mind. This item comes in three different sizes 11 – 11.3″, 13 – 13.3″, and 15″. The case can fit multiple computer designs including; Macbook Air, Pro, Microsoft Surface, Dell XPS, Chromebook and many other designs. A few of its features include;

  • Waterproof / Dust proof

  • Shockproof / Shock Absorbent

  • Internal Sleeves

  • Security System

This case provides protection against dust particles that can build up in your computer overtime which create overheating and severe damage to electrical components. The same goes with water for obvious reasons will ruin the electrical parts of your devise in an instant. There are many cases out there that are literally designed to be a piece of cloth over your computer and provide no means of protection.

The shock proof feature on this case will protect your devise against any hard landings. This can happen by your grip slipping from the computer, falling from a desk or most importantly items shifting in the overhead bin you can’t control. Not many cases provide this feature and it is so important to keep your devise safe from heavy pressure.

Internal sleeves are built into the case.  We need more then just out actual computer for our travels. Especially if you are a frequent traveler on business. This hardshell case has multiple compartments you can neatly fit other accessories. Pens, pencils, a mouse, notepad, binder, chargers and any other small to medium sized accessories.


NiceEbag Rugged Armor Laptop Briefcase Messenger Bag


If you are looking for a high quality bag at a great price this is it. The Rugged Armor Laptop Briefcase Messenger Bag from Ebags provides durability, safety, comfort, and accessibility all in one. It is designed for multiple users like Macbook, Dell, Lenovo and will fit many other designs. This case is rainproof / dust resistant to keep your devise in the best shape. It’s also shock absorbent to catch and accidental falls or shifts on an airplane. I would suggest this bag for any college students or frequent business travelers.

  • 17.3″

  • Durable Handle

  • Soft inside fabric

  • Multiple padded spaces for organization

  • Designed to carry multiple items inside

    • Laptop

    • Books

    • Tablets

    • 5 card slots

    • 3 pen slots

    • 1 key buckle


Solo Bryant 17.3″ Rolling Laptop Case


The Solo Bryant rolling laptop case is recommended for anyone who is always on the move. It can hold a various amount of items besides your laptop. The front zipper can be used to accommodate for anything such as books, phones, travel documents or anything else you may need to access quickly. The middle compartment is where you can place items such as an iPad, folders, binders, chargers, pens, pencils, magazines, etc. The back compartment holds a secure place for you computer and a large space for anything else you may need. You could even use it for clothes or a travel pillow. This 17″ bag is big enough to use as a carry on if you wish.

The best feature about this laptop case / bag is that it rolls. If you are always on the move sometimes a shoulder strap or putting your computer in a backpack can be straining on your body. A rolling bag will give you the convenience of carrying little to no weight around. You can zoom through the airports or around campus in no time.





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  1. Shannon Brooks - Reply

    This information is God sent Cassie. I have been thinking about a case for my laptop for the longest while but not until I am about to travel that I am most concern. Thank you for pointers listed they will definitely help me with my search.

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