Collapsible Bags For Travel

Here at World Traveler we have come up with the best quality collapsible travel bags. These bags are becoming extremely popular by travelers in 2019. Collapsible travel bags have many different uses to them. Frequent travelers often use these bag types to save room in their luggage when space becomes an issue.


Why Should Get Collapsible Travel Bags Before Your Next Adventure?

  • Convenience: Once you are done using the bag you simply fold it up and stow it away. The bags all come with step by step directions on how to properly fold and unfold the bags correctly.

  • Use Bag in Many Ways: Collapsible travel bags can be used in all sorts of different ways. You can unfold the bag in a few seconds and use it as a dirty laundry holder for separating clothing. It also makes for a perfect gym bag. Fitting your sneakers, water bottles, phone, earbuds, etc. These also make perfect travel bags for backpackers. You can keep the bag folded up until you reach your destination and unfold for a light weight carry with you bag.

  • Great Material: Collapsible travel bags are made out of a very tough water-proof nylon material. That is why they make such a good travel / outdoors type of bag. Your items are safe from any rain, wind or dirt that come your way. The nylon material also make the bags super light weight. I use my Adventure Pal Collapsible Bag for travel because I hate feeling like I am being weighed down by all of my stuff. The bags really take all of that pressure off of your shoulders.


Types of Collapsible Travel Bags

Duffle Bags

Duffle bags are going to give you the most amount of space in a collapsable bag. This type of bag is perfect for camping gear that may get wet. The durable water resistant material shields your items from any dirt or wetness. Normal duffle bags may have just as much room but these collapsible bags are just as durable and much lighter weight.

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Grocery Bags

These grocery bags can break down and lay completely flat, freeing up so much space. If you need to do some bulk shopping that is no problem. These grocery bags by Green BD are extremely study and can hold heavy weight. They are also washable to prevent any dirt or grime build up overtime. 

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Utility Totes

These utility totes make for a fantastic beach bag. They are super sturdy and can hold so many items. It would be perfect for beach towels and toys or even snacks or groceries. The two long handles on both sides make it much easier to carry then most bags. When not in use it is super easy to collapse bag for more storage.

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Laundry Bags

Collapsible laundry bags make life much easier when you are on the go. They can hold multiple loads of laundry and have amazing durability, making those trips back and forth to the washer and dryer and easy. They are perfect for camping or any other trip you want to separate  your clothing. The bag folds up into a thin layer so you can stow it almost anywhere when not in use.

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Garden Bags

Collapsible Garden Bags can be used for multiple outside uses. You can clean up the yard by filling them with leaves and weeds. You could also fill it with ice and use it as an outdoor party cooler. They can also be used for laundry purposes, outside games and toys. These garden bags are big in size once they are unfolded but once winter comes or they are not needed they stow almost anywhere.

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The Venture pal is my favorite backpack of all time and not just because it can fold into a small pouch to save you room. This bag is super light weight. It makes you feel like you are almost carrying nothing. The pockets are very spacious and the overall durable quality makes it the perfect travel backpack

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