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Anti Theft Bags for Travel


Pickpockets have been around for centuries. These sly practices can completely ruin your travel experience if it happens to you. This is not an new practice and something all travelers should be aware of. Pickpockets are located in every country in the world but are most popular in European cities. Make sure to do thorough research on your destination to know how common pick pockets are in that area.  

Pickpocketing is a form of theft that involves a person taking money or other valuables without the person/victam noticing. The goal is to get away with the theft without drawing any sort of attention to themselves. These people have all sorts of tactics to get your valuables so it is important to make yourself aware, especially if you are traveling to a destination that is known for this practice. 



How do they work?

Pickpockets will try to misdirect your attention. They can do this in all sorts of ways. Working in pairs is also a common trend to get the job done. Misdirecting your attention could be anywhere from simply bumping into you to going up and asking you a question while the other partner will try and steal a wallet from your back pocket.

The reason pickpocketing is so common and widespread is because they usually can get away with it without any punishment. If this happens they can easily get off with as much if not more money than a robbery. Another reason this is so common is because usually by the time the victim notices there belongings have been stolen, the thief is long gone. They don’t need any weapons but their hands, so if for some reason they are caught there is not much jail time for punishment. 

Avoid Being a Target

If you are a foreigner that alone makes you a target. You look different, you dress different, locals can smell a tourist from a mile away. Especially if you are traveling to a third world country locals know your money is worth so much more if they can get their hands on your wallet. My advise if you are traveling to a third world country is to blend in as much as possible. Buy some clothes from the local market, keep you camera away in crowded areas and try not to look lost or confused. 

If you are traveling to a sunny tropical place and planning to relax on the beach you need to be aware of the risk. The beach can be a huge place for pickpockets to target the ones who are sleeping or clearly not paying attention to their items on the beach. Don’t go for a stroll on the beach without taking all of your valuable items with you.

Your trip can easily be ruined If you are traveling to a foreign country and your valuables like credit cards, passport and personal information gets stolen. You are stuck in that country until you can get proper copies of all of that paperwork. Don’t let that happen to you! Always make not just one but two copies of all of your important documents. When I went to India I brought a copy of my documents with me and made another copy to leave at home. 

Pick pockets can often stalk foreigners at the atm to see which pocket you have your wallet in and when the time is right, snatch it from you. Another tactic that is commonly used is a person yelling “someone stole my wallet!” They know the usual reaction from people is to check and see if their wallet is still in their possession. Now they know where you keep yours, sneaky right?



Where are Pickpockets?

Pickpockets are most common in places with crowds. Large markets, concerts and transit stations. Pickpockets will often get closer to you then needed on a crowded train to make it seem like there isn’t much of a choice, take your wallet while you are not looking and get off the next stop before you even notice. 

In some areas where prostituion is common woman with sleep with a man and take his money and other valuables like watches. Some woman may also act drunk so that falling and leaning all over someone seems like a normal act. While this may seem normal for a drunk woman to be falling all over a guy. They are really trying to get into your pockets for money and valuables. 

What should you do if you are a Pickpocket Victim?

If you find that your valuables have been stolen the first thing you need to do is call your bank and any credit card companies to close your card. That is the first thing they will do is try and spend as much money on the card as they can before it maxes out. Call the police to file a report and get ahold of the Social Security Administration. A smart thief can get away with huge crimes like identity theft with little of your information. Don’t let that happen, act quickly.  



The Best Defense to Pickpockets

The best way to avoid pickpockets from taking your money is to put those valuables in a travel safe bag. There are so many antitheft bags out there that prevent theft that can ruin your vacation. A great option is a money belt. A money belt you can tuck under your clothes so it’s not visible at all to the public. If a money belt is just not your style, that’s fine. There are many cross body’s and backpacks specifically made with an anti theft model.

I highy suggest investing in these antitheft bags. Nobody wants to be a victim of theft, especially if you are on vacation and especially not in a foreign country. My advise is to do thorough research on the cities you will be in and invest in an anti theft back. These will give you peace of mind while exploring the world.


Top Anti-Theft Bags for Travel


Purses and Crossbody Bags


Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Mini Shoulder Bag

Buy Travelon Mini Here

Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Mini Shoulder Bag comes in many different colors and designs. If you are looking for a small purse that doesn’t draw attention I would recommend avoiding those flashy designs and stick with a solid color like black shown in the picture. This bags main compartment has a lock feature. If anyone were to try and stick their hand inside while you were not looking they wouldn’t get very far. Its slash-proof design makes it so it would be very difficult for anyone to try and cut their way into the bag. The Travelon has RFID blocking card and passport slots. If you are out to a restaurant you can attach the strap to the chair so you can relax and enjoy a nice dinner with peace of mind your belongings are safe.


Travelon Anti-Theft Heritage Hobo Bag by Pewter

Buy Heritage Bag Here

This Anti – Theft bag by Travelon is great if you are looking for a a spacious but light weight bag with Anti – Theft features. The main compartment is very roomy and includes RFID blocking pocket for important financial information. This bag also comes with an LED light which is a feature not many bags carry. This is great if you are walking at night and need a little extra assistance seeing your surroundings. The two external pockets in the front and the back come with a lock features so nobody can sneakily unzip without your knowledge.


Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Light Convertible Crossbody and Waist pack Buy Convertible Bag Here

This Travel bag can convert from a cross body bag into a waist bag. Waist bags are especially great when it comes to the safety of your items. With waist bags you can simply put your t-shirt or sweatshirt over the bag so it isn’t even in sight. Your bag is in front of you at all times so you can rid the stress of someone lurking your bag. It is very rare that a pick pocket would target someone who has a waist pack. This bag also comes with secure locking abilities. In my opinion a waist bag is as secure as you can get.




A lot of travelers will need more than a small cross body or waist bag. For those full time backpackers or on the go travelers a larger backpack might be more suitable for you. Check out my latest post on Venture Pal Travel Bag – Most Affordable and Durable Travel Bag It is still important that when looking for a backpack for travel you invest on one that has Anti – Theft features. Here are the best quality and most affordable anti theft backpacks for travelers.


Anti-Theft Travel Backpack Business Laptop Book School Bag with USB Charging Port for Student Work Men & Women by Oscaurt Grey


Buy Travel Backpack Here


This Anti Theft backpack is great for college students or business travelers. It would not be easy for any thief to open this backpack without your knowledge. The main zipper on the bag is fully hidden, designed to confuse someone trying to commit theft. This is great for anyone who is on the go. There is a USB charging port built into the bag so you can charge your devices wherever you may be in the world. Anytime you may be out and about during the night this bag will make your whereabouts visible to anyone with the reflective stripe located on the front of the bag.


Korin Design ClickPack Pro – Anti-theft BackPack Laptop Bag with USB charging port large capacity waterproof TSA travel friendly Black and Grey

 Buy Korin Backpack Here

The Click Pack Pro is filled with many features to keep your items safe when you are on the go. It is built with TechTriple anti – theft protection. There is a TSA lock on the main compartment so you can enjoy the scenery knowing your valuables have the highest protection. The bag is also designed with comfort in mind. The designers came up with a weight reduction system to relieve any weight bearing on  your shoulders. The bag hugs your specific body type perfectly. Weather you are walking to class, a meeting or about to board a plane, you can charge up your devices at anytime with the USB port built into the bag.


Pacsafe Metrosafe LS450 25 Liter Anti Theft Laptop Backpack


 Buy Pacsafe Backpack Here

The PacSafe backpack was designed with the option to lock all three main external zippers on the bag. This bags multiple safety features allows you to go anywhere with piece of mind. PacSafe is made out of material that prevents any cuts or tears in on the bag. It has RFID pockets for blocking and securing personal items like; credit cards, passports, cash, etc. The personalization of this bag allows you to adjust the straps and waist so it fits your body type perfectly.






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