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Venture Pal

“I highly recommend the Venture Pal to any frequent traveler who is looking for a reasonable priced bag designed specifically for travel comfort and convenience.” – World Traveler

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Why The Venture Pal?

In September of 2018 I found myself online searching for an affordable but great quality bag made specifically for traveling. I came across the Adventure Pal bag on I highly suggest this bag to any frequent travelers looking specifically for a bag made for travelers. I used this bag all throughout my month in India. I carried this bag in the big busy city of New Delhi as well as the remote villages on the outskirts of the city. This bag comes in all sorts of bright fun colors, which is not what I was looking for. In developing countries like India you want to blend in as much as possible, especially where tourists already stand out on their own. Luckily the Venture Pal came in a solid slick black which was exactly what I was looking for.

The Venture Pal is created with a very breathable mesh on the shoulders to give you comfort, especially if you are walking long distances. I remember multiple times I walked from our residence to a local market for supplies. The walk wasn’t easy but having a durable bag that is specifically designed for travelers comfort helped make the trek much easier. Where the walk was so long I tried to stalk up on as much bottled water and snacks as I could. I didn’t bring anything else other than my Adventure Pal. I was able to fit about ten large water bottles along with multiple snacks to get all of us volunteers through a few days. The Adventure Pal has a high quality tear and water resistant material. The bottom layer of the bag is specifically double – layered to make sure any heavy items don’t rip the bag.


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If you have ever been to India you know that it is a very high energy, crowded and all around busy place to be. Organization was very important to me to make sure that I felt prepared and safe when I went out in the town. Venture Pal has multiple compartments to make sure you can fit all of your bulky items and electronics to small toiletries. See my post on Packing Cubes for other convenient toiletry bags. There is one main zipper compartment, two front and two side pockets. These are all large, medium and small sized so that all of your items can have a home that makes sense in your travel bag. I use packing cubes to keep my items organized in my suitcase and travel bag also. This bag was able to slide my cubes perfectly in the large compartment so that items were not just floating around and hitting each other in the larger compartment but were safe and secure in my packing cubes.

My absolute favorite thing about the Venture Pal bag is that it has the ability to fold into itself into a small pouch! That’s right, within seconds you can make your backpack into a pouch or pouch into a backpack. When you are not using the backpack and want to save space you can simply fold the bag into itself to create a small pouch for easy storage.

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